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Giving Tuesday

No donation is too small when there are kids without families

or homes who need to feel loved, be warm

and nourished in Illinois!

Click on the Teddy Bear in the upper right hand corner and

Donate now!

We can't do it alone! Please donate or bring in a donations when you volunteer.



Volunteer Sign Up Times Here!

   We're grateful for your help!

November Needs...

Dear Tiona,

Have fun at the movies! I'm  proud of you!  

Happy Thanksgiving!



Project Gobble Gobble - It's a painful time of year for kids without families to go to school and hear their classmates talking about the holidays! Vulnerable kids need our help!  On Thanksgiving we want to make sure these deserving youths can get out of the cold, have a warm meal and something fun to do. An AMC gift card, Target or a McDonalds gift card means a lot to kids who don't have families that provide for them. 

Please volunteer to help fill We Care Packages?

Gift cards can be dropped off  through December 30th at Gorton Center,

400 E. Illinois, Lake Forest OR you can make an online donation and our all volunteer organization will purchase gift cards for a deserving youth!

Project Warm - You can help a child stay warm this winter.  It's easy to do!

You can donate a new winter coat, hat, mittens/gloves, hand warmers or chapstick and we will deliver your gift to a foster or homeless youth!!!


Or you can help a homeless youth get out of the cold and warm up with a

$5 - $10 food gift card from McDonald's or Dunkin Donuts

You can give a Target or Walmart gift card to a youth who needs clothes!

Please make an online donation, mail or drop your gifts off at Gorton Center. If you don't have time to shop our all volunteer board can shop for you! Thank you for helping kids in need this holiday season!  

Survival BackPacs - Homeless kids need nonperishable food, food gift cards, 

toiletries, warm coats and blankets!  Since we buy in bulk donations are greatly appreciated so that your dollars go further and kids have a brighter future.

To help purchase a $35 Survival BacPac please donate here.




Food Gift Cards give homeless kids a chance to have a meal at a table and feel like a normal kid.  McDonalds, Subway or Dunkin Donuts preferred. Please make a donation or drop your gift cards off at Gorton Center. Thank you!  

Project Birthday - Children's homes can't afford birthday cakes or parties for their kids!  It's very painful for children without families to hear their classmates talking about what they got for their birthday and who's coming to their party. 


Can you help a child feel special on their birthday and sponsor a cake, a birthday card or a gift card?  Your help makes it possible for children to feel loved and remembered on their birthday! Thank you for making birthday wishes come true for kids like Sierra! xo

If you don't have time to shop... our all volunteer organization can shop for you!​

Thank you is not enough to express our gratitude for your donations and your time! 

Your support means everything to these children!

Trying to Live. Trying to Learn.

Birthday Parties with a Purpose!
Thank you letter from a foster child to Fill a Heart 4 Kids!


Two amazing children opened their hearts to a homeless girl named Tiona.  For 2 hours these precious kids filled Survival BacPacs and wrote notes to homeless youths.  As they were leaving they asked us to give their allowance money to help someone who was homeless.  Tiona cried when she received their gift.  She told us she couldn't take money from children, but after we explained it's a gift, she reluctantly accepted it.  She cried a little more and told us how much $5.28 meant to her - then she wrote this note to her superheroes.

Tiona's Story 

Education and Humanity Create a Strong Society...

It's possible for kids to overcome these traumas and stigmas and become productive young adults when they receive the support they need. Illinois can't do it alone — they need our help!  Together lets show these kids we care!

  • Shame, stigma, isolation...there is an emotional and human side to every foster, homeless or trafficked youth.

  • 1 out of 4* street kids... often become forced into violent modern day slavery within 72 hours after they've run away. 

  • Homeless Youths...who are abandoned by their families or have escaped from physical, emotional, sexual abuse or aged out of foster care need to be in school.

  • It's difficult for kids who don't have school supplies or anyone that cares about their future. They get made fun of by classmates for not having school supplies, the right clothes or parents. 

  • Your help will help kids feel like someone out there cares about their future!   

  1.3 million homeless youths are struggling to survive without the support of any family. Homeless and Runaway Youth, National Conference of State

  Legislatures, 14 Apr. 2016. Web. *Chicago is one of the Leading Cities in human trafficking, Illinois Issues, Publication of the University of Illinois Springfield 

Volunteer Sign Up Times Here!

Help make personalized cards, fill We Care Packages©  or   We Care BackPacs© restock inventory, deliver  Party for a Purpose Birthday Cakes©, or decorate children's homes for the holidays ------- depending on what is needed that day to help brighten the life of a child!  Families, groups, businesses and children ages 4 and up are always welcome to participate. Background checks are required if you would like to help decorate a children's group home or participate in special events with orphans and foster children's. Volunteer Now!

Fill a Heart 4 Kids' volunteer organization has delivered over 12,100 "We-Care Packages",  11,563 Personalized Cards, 11,440 Stuffed Animals,  10,532 School Supplies, 867 Gift Cards to help kids who have aged out of the system, Winter Coats, Blankets, Sheets, Pillows, Clothing, Furniture for Children's Homes, Birthday Cakes & Parties, Movie Days, Donut Days, Princess Parties, Halloween Costumes & Parties, Valentine Parties...and so much more!!!

On an average day in America there are 120,000* children living in group homes or institutions. The majority of these kids are never adopted, but most of these children finally feel safe  ----  after experiencing abuse, neglect or abandonment in their parent's home or foster homes.  The dedicated people who work in children's homes need our help.  They want to do more to help these precious children feel loved and experience a fresh start.

When communities help at-risk children it gives them hope and it inspires them to grow, learn, and become productive citizens.

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