Project Elf Needs Your Help!

It's a very painful time of year for local homeless kids & children living without families!  More than anything they want to have their very own family.  You can help make this time of year more bearable.

Something as simple as decorating cookies can help our kids feel loved and remembered!


3,347 children are waiting to be         adopted in Illnois.

Approx. 17,920 Illinois children

are in DCFS custody.  



Locker Homes kee kids belongings safe! Donate Now!

Donate online so we can purchase exactly what we need to help homeless youth and rescued children... Or start your fundraising project today!  

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Local Homeless Youth Survival BacPacs! Donate Now!


is a


Over 20,000 homeless kids navigate their education

 without a home in Illinois. 

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Delivered over:


School Supplies


4Kids Care Packages©

filled with necessities!


Volunteer Events

6,000 + 


Impact 2018...


Project Awesome Swag Bags

celebrating children's academic achievements! 

800 Birthday Gifts

Paid Pilot Work Program

created to teach

foster children new skills! 


Encouraging Note 


Stuffed Animals to help comfort children!


Project Boo swag bags for homeless & rescued children!

300 Birthday Cakes!

1,000 Survival BacPacs

20,400 meals, 22,300 breakfast bars, 1,350 food gift cards,

3,100 water bottles,...

Updated a children's Home, Hosted Parties, Movie Days, Decorating for the holidays,

Party 4 a Purpose, Trunk or Treat....

No donation is too small when children are suffering in Illinois.

When you volunteer, please bring supplies listed on SignUp Genius for your project! 

If you make an online donation we will purchase your supplies for you! This is preferred because we buy in bulk and Your Donations Go Further.

We will have your supplies ready when you arrive on your volunteer date. 

Why choose Fill a Heart 4 Kids when you shop Amazon Smile? When you choose us ~ it makes it possible for us to buy more food gift cards for kids who need to get out of the cold, warm up & eat with dignity!!

 1 out of 4* street kids... often become forced into violent modern day slavery within 72 hours after they've run away.

*Chicago is one of the Leading Cities in human trafficking, Illinois Issues, Publication of the University of Illinois Springfield  

1.3 million homeless youth are struggling to survive without the support of any family. Homeless and Runaway Youth, National Conference of State Legislatures, 14 Apr. 2016. Web.




Fill a Heart 4 Kids is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

We hand deliver each gift to ensure that orphans and homeless youth receive your gifts.

NEW LOCATION: 270 Market Square Lake Forest, IL 60045

Please mail check donations to - Fill a Heart 4 Kids, 400 E Illinois Rd, Lake Forest, IL 60045 or you can make a donation online.
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*There are over 120,000 orphans in America, while another 400,000 children live without permanent families (HHS; AFCARS).

 An estimated 1.3 million youths are struggling to survive without consistent food or shelter or any support from family (Government Data 2017).


To protect the privacy of the children we serve, their names are always changed.

Our stories are based on true events.

If you would like to volunteer at a children's group home or participate in special events with homeless youth - a background check is required..