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The Need


Fill a Heart 4 Kids™... 4 Brighter Futures!

gives unaccompanied homeless youth, at risk, and foster children educational support, necessities and positive experiences to help their heart's heal and restore their dignity - so they can achieve Brighter Futures!    



Fill a Heart 4 Kids "Goal"

is for homeless youth and foster children theal, feel valued and receive critical resources from our supportive community...4 Brighter Futures!   

Our 4 Kids Community connects homeless & foster children with people who care! 


We Transform Your Donations Into:

  • 4 Kids Care Packages filled with gifts and necessities on birthdays, holidays and special occasions for rescued and homeless children that            would otherwise receive nothing.  

  • 4 Kids Survival BacPacs complete with immediate basic necessities such as blankets, toiletries, and food for homeless youth struggling to survive.

  • 4 Kids Brighter Futures Programsgives kids tutoring, life skills, and cultural experiences to allow them to succeed and give them possibilities for a brighter future!

  • 4 Kids Special Events bring together our volunteers and children in group settings where they can go to a movie, help a child celebrate their birthday, a special holiday, and even "Trunk-or-Treat"!  These events are precious to children who have suffered from neglect, abuse, trafficking, and abandonment.  

On an average day in America there are 120,000* orphans and foster children living in group homes or institutions.  They believe no one wants them or cares about them. Many of their family members trafficked them for discount drugs. 1.3 million* homeless youths are living on the street ----- many were in the foster care system. They struggle to survive. It's critical for communities to come together to help these desperate kids!

Illinois continues to shuttle kids from group home to group home, including children who are returned by adopted and foster families.  These precious kids don't have a chance to stay long enough in group homes to develop strong friendships or trust.  It's hard for them to learn when they constantly have to adjust to a new environment. Frequently, the children are heartbroken and scared when they move on to a new group home and different schools, again and again! Sometimes, twice in one year! Who can heal and learn under these conditions!? Support us now!

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