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We have a special tradition at Fill a Heart 4 Kids...all because of a foster child  named Frankie.  Every morning when Frankie opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a big red and pink heart with a simple message ~ Happy Valentine's Day!!! I LOVE YOU! Love, Annie xo 


One day Annie came to visit the kids at this group home... she was so surprised when she saw the big, red heart she made six years earlier! Frankie told Annie, "I taped your card on my wall because when I wake up every day, I know a mom loves me. You're like my mom!"


From that moment on, Annie, made a promise that handmade cards would go all "We Care" packages so that each child knew how much they are loved and valued.

Fill a Heart 4 Kids™, makes over 16,000 handmade cards for children living without families every year. 

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