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Sponsor - 4 Kids' Survival BacPacs

  It's difficult for unaccompanied homeless kids to learn or survive when they're hungry, homeless, without necessities or school supplies. You can make it possible for a local homeless youth to eat & have a Brighter Future!

How can You Help Homeless Youth ?

 ​1. Donate a $10 fast food gift card from McDonalds or Dunkin'! Gift cards provide more than just food - they allow children to use restrooms and escape from the cold. 

  1. $10 Walgreens gift card, help young ladies purchase the necessary supplies they need. To often well intended donors prefer to purchase supplies.  Everyones needs vary.  The freedom to choose items makes a difference. Choosing items also teaches youth how important it is to make wise decisions.

  2. Survival Bag Pacs™ are critical when school is on break.  You can sponsor a $35 - $75 Survival BacPac 4 Kids™ filled with food, basic necessities and 2 gift cards. ( schools supplies as needed)


We partner with schools, groups and corporations who know how valuable it is to invest in community!

Make Survival BacPacs Your Next Team Building Experience!

  1. Host your event with your group and a FAH4K team member will join to help you!

  2. We can host your group onsite or visit you!

  3. Schools and corporations for groups of 20 or more.

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