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Sponsor - 4 Kids' Survival BacPacs

  It's difficult for unaccompanied homeless kids to learn or survive when they're

hungry, homeless and without school supplies. 

You can make it possible for a local homeless youth to eat & have a brighter future!


  1. Something a simple as a $5 fast food gift card helps get a kid off the street at night and eat a warm meal with dignity 4x!

  2. $10 Walgreens gift card, help young ladies purchase the necessary supplies they need. To often well intended donors prefer to purchase supplies.  Everybody is different.  The freedom to choose items makes a difference and it teachers homeless youth how important it is to make wise decisions.

  3. Survival Bag Pacs™ are critical when school is on break.  You can sponsor a $35 - $75 Survival BacPac 4 Kids™ filled with food, basic necessities and 2 gift cards. ( schools supplies as needed)

We partner with schools, groups and corporations who care about helping local kids in desperate need!

Start your fundraising event now!

  1. Host your event with your group and a FAH4K team member will help join you!

  2. OR we can host your group at Fill a Heart 4 Kids™!

  3. Schools and corporations contact: for groups of 20 or more.

How can You Help?

Homeless Backpack Network!
Fill a Heart 4 Kids© -  WeCare BackPacs© help homeless kids in Illinois!
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How to create a Survival BackPac 4 Kids

  • Donate a New Backpack - an absolute necessity! 

    • Do Not Purchase Expensive Flashy Backpacks - it can put kids in danger.  

  • Fill 2 ziplock bags with non-perishable food items - Peanut Free Cereal Bars​, Soft Protein Bars, Pre-made Chicken or Tuna Fish Salad, Snacks, Instant Noodle Dishes, Cheese crackers, Beef Sticks, Protein Breakfast Drinks, Sugarless Gum... (Many homeless kids suffer from tooth decay so soft foods only please!) 

  • $5  $10 Food Gift Cards give homeless kids a chance to get off the street at night, feel safe, and eat a meal with dignity.  Please make an online donation or mail your gift cards to Fill a Heart 4 Kids, 400 E. Illinois Rd., Lake Forest, Il 60045.

  •  Donate water bottles to help keep kids hydrated! 

  • Fill 1 ziplock bag with a packaged tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, hand wipes, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, Lotion & Chapstick... 

  • Purchase a Weather Shield Blanket ($2), good socks, a journal, colored pencils or pens.

  • Drop off your donation at FAH4K, 400 E. Illinois Road, Lake Forest, IL 60045. Located on the second floor.

  • Locker Homes™, help keep kids and their belongings safe.  Homeless Youth who have escaped from physical and emotional abuse need Locker Homes™. Please donate $250 to sponsor a Locker Home™.   


If you do not have time to shop please donate online:

As we buy in bulk our donations go further! We can purchase necessary supplies for Survival BackPac 4 Kids

 Thank you for volunteering and donating to help youth struggling to survive.

If you were homeless what would you do to survive and stay safe?

  • Would you eat garbage or cup your dirty hands together to gather water to drink?

  • Would you sell yourself for food?

  • Would you sleep in a dirty dumpster filled with trash like diapers or moldy food to stay warm in the winter?

  • Would you hide in an abandoned building wrapped in newspaper at night and pray that rats didn't find you?

  • Would you keep one eye open in the subway and pray that no one would hurt you? 

  • There is no sensationalism here ---- this is what most homeless youth face daily!

Homeless Kids in America are not able to think about their future. 

  • They are frightened and fighting to survive.

  • They are turned away from shelters and soup kitchens because there are not enough beds or food to help these kids.  

  • The most frightening issue - traffickers and their sales force hover around these establishments to force kids into a life of bondage.

  •  You can read about this and do nothing, or you can help Illinois youths that are suffering.  

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