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Project Warm 4 Kids


 Kids across Illinois need items to keep them warm

especially those living in

foster institutions.


Project Warm 4 Kids... 

​Unhoused & at-risk children need coats NOW! Children who sleep in cold damp spaces (garages, cars, tents...) need to stay warm and healthy so they can learn in school.

Warm Drive Sept. 15 - Jan. 15


Your donations keep unhoused & at-risk children warm! 

  • Hat & Gloves: $15

  • Coat: $35

  • Sherpa Blanket: $25


Thank you is not enough to express our gratitude for your donations and your time! 

Your support means everything to these children!

Thank you letter from a foster child to Fill a Heart 4 Kids!

On an average day in America there are 120,000* children living in group homes or institutions. The majority of these kids are never adopted, but most of these children finally feel safe  ----  after experiencing abuse, neglect or abandonment in their parent's home or foster homes.  The dedicated people who work in children's homes need our help.  They want to do more to help these precious children feel loved and experience a fresh start.

​​1.3 million homeless youths are struggling to survive without the support of any family. Homeless and Runaway Youth, National Conference of State

  Legislatures, 14 Apr. 2016. Web. *Chicago is one of the Leading Cities in human trafficking, Illinois Issues, Publication of the University of Illinois Springfield 

When communities help at-risk children it gives them hope and it inspires them to grow, learn, and become productive citizens.

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