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In 2007, the McAveeney family opened their hearts and home to a precious baby in needed of a temporary home. This experience exposed them to a world of vulnerable children couch hopping, living in abandoned buildings, cars, garages, or living in foster care facilities. For 16 years their home has been a safe place for homeless children and teens across the Chicagoland area. 


Feeling a strong need to help, Lilly, the McAveeney's daughter, asked her mom, 'Who's going to make kids living in children's group homes feel loved like you make me feel on Valentine's Day? Can we help kids living in children's homes?" Lilly and her friends filled care packages and wrote cards for 48 children living in a foster facility. Then, Lilly’s sister Ellorie asked, “Who’s going to help the kids feel special on their birthdays?” and Fill a Heart 4 Kids (FAH4K) was born. 


In 2008, FAH4K began igniting hope in a foster facility. 38 children received Project Valentine WeCare Packages™ to help them feel loved and remembered on Valentine's Day. FAH4K gained 501(c)(3) status in 2015, broadening its ability to support over 2,400 at-risk youth annually by providing critical necessities, food, educational support and life skills opportunities to "Build Brighter Futures 4 Kids" and enriching hands-on volunteer opportunities to help “Build Brighter Futures 4 Kids”.                                    


Fill a Heart 4 Kids...

provides homeless, at risk, at-risk and foster children food, critical necessities, life skills & educational support to empower & Build Brighter Futures 4 Kids!    

Fill a Heart 4 Kids "Goal"

is for homeless youth and foster children to heal, feel valued and receive critical resources from our supportive community...4 Brighter Futures!   


It's difficult for at-risk children to focus in school.  On the playground, the cafeteria, field trips... they hear classmates talking about birthday parties, family movie nights, Trick-or-Treating, and holiday festivities. It’s a painful reminder of what they long for but haven't found—a consistent place to sleep at night or a loving family.



FAH4K provides over 2,400 homeless, at-risk, and foster children with food, critical resources, educational support, and opportunities to learn life skills to "Build Brighter Futures 4 Kids". FAH4K hosts over 400 events a year, offering volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups to get involved and create a lasting impact! Partnering with us changes Children’s lives and reminds them that they are valued, capable, and worthy of love.



Annually, we provide foster, homeless, and at-risk youth with:​ 

  • ​​MEAL SECURITY: The holidays are a scary time for children who rely on school meals without access to food pantries. They face unimaginable stress and obstacles. We distribute over 230,000 pounds of food annually to help children get through weekends, Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer Break. We work hard to stop the cycle of children traffic themselves for food. 

  • EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT: We provide over 50,000 school supplies to foster children and homeless youth annually so they can start school on the 1st day prepared and ready to learn without shame. We provide school supplies throughout the year. 

  • WE HOST: special life cycle events including birthday & graduation celebrations to help children heal and feel valued so they can focus in school and develop confidence. 

  • CONFIDENCE BUILDING INITIATIVES: We offer tens of thousands of seasonal WeCare Packages to restore dignity, reduce peer shaming, bullying and increase academic attendance.

  • WINTER COMFORT: We provide over 2,000 winter coats, blankets, and seasonal clothing for children annually.

  • DIGNITY RESTORATION: Children without access to hygiene products risk being bullied and experiencing feelings of shame. We give tens of thousands of Toiletries 4 Dignity and Survival Backpacks to children each year to provide them with dignity and confidence. 


Our 4 Kids Community connects homeless & foster children with wonderful volunteers! 

Individuals, Groups and Team Building Experiences Transform Your Donations Into:

  • 4 Kids Care Packages filled with necessities including birthday gifts and special occasions like holidays or award day for academic attendance and performance for rescued and homeless children that would otherwise receive nothing.  We Purchase supplies by the pallet at reduced rates (tax free) so your dollars go further!

  • 4 Kids Survival BacPacs™ complete with immediate basic necessities such as blankets, toiletries, and food for homeless youth struggling to survive.

  • 4 Kids Brighter Futures Programs™ gives kids tutoring, life skills, and cultural experiences to allow them to succeed and give them possibilities for a brighter future!

  • 4 Kids Special Events™ community events bring volunteers and children together in group settings where they can go to a movie, celebrate a birthday, a special holiday, and even "Trunk-or-Treat"!  Community events help children see a different world. It helps children who have suffered from abandonment, abuse, trafficking to heal and feel loved and remembered.

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