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Project Hop 4 Kids...

Spring is another painful time of year for foster kids without families.  They don't have parents to take them on an egg hunt or give them a spring basket


Project Hop 4 Kids helps kids feel love.   


It's easy to do...sponsor a

Fill a Basket

for $15 - $25!



Plastic Eggs

  • Snacks

  • Wrapped Candy (peanut free)


Stuffed Animal

Dollar stores have most everything:

  • Mad Libs, journals, coloring books 

  • crayons, colored pencils, gel pens

  • Sports balls, cards, whoopee cushions

  • Water bottles or lucite cups with straws!

Wish List:


 Thank you for delivering treats & necessities no later than March 26th to

270 Market Square, Lake Forest, Il 60045

Click on the Donate Here in the upper right-hand corner & make a donation if you don't have time to shop! We'll be happy to Fill a Basket for you to a sponsored child! 


 Gift Cards are a great way to provide a special day out...for homeless kids & children living in group homes.

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