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Leading up to the last day of school, kids are counting down the days,

but for most foster and homeless kids it's painful.

At school they hear their classmates talking about what they're going to do over the summer - camp, taking swim lessons, going on family vacations... Homeless kids are worried about food and shelter.  Group homes can't afford camp or expensive lessons.  Precious children dream about having a family that loves them. 


Amazing Accomplishments

Begin with Caring!

Help Foster & Unaccompanied Homeless Kids

start summer feeling

good about their academic accomplishments!





Project Flip Flop WISH LIST...

  1. Flip Flops (various sizes; child to adult)

  2. Water Bottle

  3. Tube of Sunscreen

  4. Movie Size Candy Box (no nuts)

  5. $10 McDonald's or Dunkin Donuts gift cards


4 believing in our mission!!!


We prefer monetary donations - It makes our kids feel special when we can purchase exactly what they need (size, favorite color flip flops...). 

  • We Buy in Bulk to Double Your Donations!!! 

  • We will have your supplies ready when you arrive on your volunteer date.

OR- Start your own fundraising campaign with friends or colleagues!

  • Please only select supplies from our list.  

Make a Happy Summer card...please see instructions below!

The Perfect Recipe to make an

Awesome Flip Flop Card! Teachers/Students/Corporations/Groups:


Materials you can use.

Please ONLY use white index size cards no large than 3x5.

You can matte the white cards with any cheerful color.

You can add stickers.

Please no plastic or sharp edges glued to the cards. 

Please do not put in an envelope.  We read every card before sealing a care-package. 

Have fun making colorful, cheerful handwritten cards! 

The perfect message:

  • Have a Happy Summer!

  • Have an Awesome Summer!

  • Have a Fun Summer!

  • I hope you like your gift!

Your Friend,

Sign first name only.

Please DO NOT write a note like this:

I hope you find a family!  

If you're nice maybe you'll get a family.

I'm sorry you don't have a family.

We cannot give notes like this to our children. It hurts their feelings. Thank you! xo


Have a Fun Summer!

I believe in you! Your friend,

Dr. Elizabeth 


Have a

 Fun Summer!

love, Maira

I hope you like your

gift card!

Have a happy summer!


You're Amazing!

Lisa, Mindy and JJ 


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