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Deep budget cuts prevent children’s facilities from  providing critical opportunities that give kids hope,  and there are not enough state resources to provide basic necessities for homeless youth. 


FAH4K’s Serves 1,350 children in partnership with 18 local group facilities for foster & unaccompanied  

homeless youth...4 Brighter Futures. 


We Partner with corporations, schools and groups to leverage resources and services to create the best outcome for kids in desperate need...4 Brighter Futures. 

 Across America… 1000's of  homeless children are forced into modern-day  slavery.

  • Chicago* is one of the leading cities in human trafficking.

  • There are approximately 25,000 unaccompanied homeless youth in Illinois & only 600 beds. 

  • Most homeless sites close at 5pm, leaving youth without shelter at night.

  • Many are former foster children who were placed in dangerous neighborhoods after they aged out, leaving them with little opportunities...

    4 Brighter Futures.. 

*Chicago is one of the Leading Cities in human trafficking, (Illinois Issues, Publication of the University of Illinois, Springfield)  


Homeless kids

struggle to survive in Illinois.


Illinois homeless kids navigate their education while living on the streets.


The approximate number of Illinois children in DCFS custody. 


Foster children living in Illinois are waiting to be adopted.

On an average night in Illinois...

  • Hundreds of homeless kids in Illinois are turned away from shelters daily because there are not enough beds.

  • They sleep in garages, couch hop, dumpsters, abandoned buildings, under viaducts, ...wrapped in dirty blankets, newspaper, or tarps to stay warm and hidden from danger and natural environmental elements (like rats) to protect their bodies.

  • Many street kids are exploited and forced into survival sex for food and shelter. 

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