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Small Gestures Make a BIG Difference! 

Schools, Corporations, Groups & Individuals... Kids w/out families need you! 

Why Give a We Care Packages©?

When a child receives a hand delivered care package filled with treats, socks, water bottles, arts & gives them hope. It brightens their day and helps them heal!


Why Give a Personalized Card?

Can you imagine being a child and not being remembered by any family?  Writing special notes lets kids without families know that they are Special and Remembered by caring communities!!!


It's Easy to Help?

Volunteer Now or Donate NowInvite your friends, families and groups to help!!! Then choose a Project and Volunteer!

  • Pack 4 Kids CarePackages©

  • Pack 4 Kids BacPacs©

  • Make Cards for Kids

  • Secure Collection Locations

  • Collect Donated Items

  • Organize a Group to Help

  • Host a "Party 4 a Purpose"

  • Secure Corporate Sponsors

  • Donate GiftCards: AMC, McDonald's Gift, Subway, Target, Walmart....Helps homeless kids more than you know!

  • FAH4K Fundraisers Teach the Value of Community and Charity. 

  • Help teach Children to Learn Compassion for Kids Without Families.  

  • FAH4K School Fundraisers Help Kids Learn that Everyone has the Ability, Even at a Young Age, to Help Others and  Make a Difference!

  • Teach Children a Sense of Pride & Ownership for their Contribution.

  • Create Awareness - Like us on Facebook, Instagram...​ so we can help more kids!

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