Your donation provides educational resources to historically underserved children who

have been abused, abandon or trafficked by their families.  Help them be successful learning virtually.




 Step 1. Choose a Service Project

Step 2.Ask your friends to help! Raise funds for your project. 

Step 3. SignIUp to HELP! 

Donate Now to help kids in crisis!  

 TOGETHER WE CAN  DO GOOD!  Family and individual donations provide critical resources, necessities and  opportunities  for foster children living in group facilities and unaccompanied homeless youth. 

These precious children have lost so much! 

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Suggested donation for every camp session- $15/ child. If you cannot sign-up for camp & would like to sponsor an activity for a foster child - please donate here:



Most homeless youth in our program have been foster children.  They struggle without the support of any family, consistent shelter, food, clothing.... their life is painfully difficult! 

You can help now by sponsoring a... 

$50 - $75 Survival BacPac™

$10 fast food gift cards

$10 Walgreen gift cards

Start your Service Project w/your friends or Coworkers! If you do not have time to shop please donate here:


Our "WeCare Car Parades" spread

 Joy & Deliver

comforting activities to foster children living in group facilities w/out families.

Background checks are required. 

For details please contact: 

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Suggested Car Parade Donation sponsors activities for 1 child $15   

Parade dates: 8/1 & 8/16/



PROJECT eLearning

Because of the trauma they face, the majority of foster children are academically behind.  Together we can  position them for success.  How can you help?  Please email your family , friends and coworkers to let them know how important it is for Foster children to be prepared and ready to learn.  Their schools have gone to eLearning.  Tell them you would be grateful for their donation to FAH4K to help purchase Chrome Books or calculators so these kids are equipped to succeed!  Let them know that we are also accepting "like new" Chrome Books and calculators.  Ask them to drop off wiped clean Chrome Books at FAH4K at 400 E. Illinois, Lake Forest.

Survival BacPacs

Covid has hit  homeless kids hard! They struggle to find a place to sleep at night. They struggle to find food and stay clean. There is a critical need for Survival BacPacs with non-perishable food and personal hygiene products.  How can you help at home?   Put a collection box at your front door.  Ask your friends to help fill it with our wish list!  

Post your project on FB & IG.  Fill your Survival BacPacs and drop them off at Fill a Heart 4 Kids at 400 E. Illinois in Lake Forest.

We will hand deliver your Survival BacPacs™ to homeless youth! 

Project PenPal

Foster children living in group facilities without families have been very lonely, isolated and alone.  They need to know WeCare! 

How can you help at home?   

1. Make fun colorful cards w/ a picture or doodle!

2. Write a cheerful note like the sample you see above...

3. Invite your friends to make cards too! 

4. TAG US ON FB & IG & email your picture w/your letter - so we can print your card & show our kids you care! 

Please email cards to

1. On an average day in Illinois, 1-out of 4 unaccompanied homeless youth are trafficked or targeted by traffickers within 72 hours after becoming homeless. Many of our Illinois homeless youth were foster children. They suffer a great deal.  They need your help to secure  a brighter future! 

2. Empower your child to be a Junior Fundraiser to help homeless kids struggling without families, consistent food or a place to sleep at night!

3. This is a perfect opportunity for your kids to launch a campaign, email/send letters ... to friends and family to help raise funds for food, necessities and school supplies for youth who need a hand-up! 

4. TAG US ON FB & IG - so we can share your Junior Fundraiser accomplishments!!!

Let's do this! 


Dear Grandma,

Zack and I learned about a girl who was in the foster system named Tiana. Her mom didn't want her.  She's homeless. Fill a Heart 4 Kids delivers food & WeCare Packages to her.  They have over 500 youth in their homeless program who receive their Survival BacPacs™.  


 A lot homeless kids are scared right now.  They need food, critical necessities and activities to help keep them safer and calm through this difficult time. 


For my school service hours I'm raising money for Survival BacPacs.   My goal is to raise $1,000.

I hope you can help us. We would be so grateful for your support. 


Alley and Zach

Thank you for making the world brighter for foster and homeless children! 

Choose Fill a    4 Kids as your charity on Amazon Smile!  Your help makes it possible to give $10 fast food gift cards to help homeless kids - get off the street at night, feel safer, and eat a warm meal with dignity! 

Partner with us - 4 Brighter Futures!

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Fill a Heart 4 Kids is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

We hand deliver each gift to ensure that orphans and homeless youth receive your gifts.

Please mail check donations to - Fill a Heart 4 Kids, 400 E Illinois Rd, Lake Forest, IL 60045 or you can make a donation online.
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*There are over 120,000 orphans in America, while another 400,000 children live without permanent families (HHS; AFCARS).

 An estimated 1.3 million youths are struggling to survive without consistent food or shelter or any support from family (Government Data 2017).


To protect the privacy of the children we serve, their names are always changed.

Our stories are based on true events.

If you would like to volunteer at a children's group home or participate in special events with homeless youth - a background check is required..